Virtual Theatre - Rising Middle

This 5-day virtual theatre experience engages the student and provides them with challenges and theatrical opportunities to expand their talents. Contained within this experience are solid theatrical anchors such as voice, expression, acting, writing, set, costume and more.


Course Materials - Student must have access to a working computer that can access ZOOM and or Flip Grid.
Virtual Theatre will be instructed by Mr. Tone Lane of Kreative Thinkers. Registered students will receive simple instructions on how to prepare for the course.  Kreative Thinkers will send students the following throughout the course:

* Get ready introduction and simple instructions
* Performance coaching that provides techniques and strategies
* Supportive curriculum and instruction
* Solid principles of acting with voice, expression, creativity
* Guidance and Direction Provided by Instructor

1 Week Course Outline - 4 student minimum to conduct this workshop.
2 classes per day: Each class is 1-hour.
10:00 am to 11:00 am and 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm.

* Day One: Introductions, Course overview, Student assessment, Warm up exercises

* Day Two: Building our story and characters in real time, writing
* Day Three: Rehearse, props, setting, costume/wardrobe
* Day Four: Rehearsals, 
adjustments, add-ons, possible partial record
* Day Five: Record, reflect, takeaways! 

Kreative Thinkers will produce an (unlisted YouTube) performance video within 48 hours.


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