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Welcome Parents!




Kreative Thinkers Strategy

It is our goal to partner with parents to make the best experience possible for their child. Tone Lane, founder and instructor strives to create a positive outcome for all students that come to his after-school sessions.

Parents/Guardians are encouraged to contact Tone to discuss the programs that are offered and see if they are a fit for your child.
   Contact Tone here by email.

Download or view the current registration kit here:

This download reflects the current programs being offered in Midtown Atlanta for the Midtown International School

A reminder about snacks!

Kreative Thinkers does not provide food or snack options for children. Children are not permitted to share food. Please be sure to provide your child with a snack, especially if they have certain food restrictions or dietary needs. Children who do not come with a snack to after school activities can feel left out and often voice the desire to snack. Students who are hungry become low of energy and are not fully able to enjoy the program. Thank you for remembering to supply your child with a snack.